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Monday, April 26, 2010

First Worm!

Adjoa and I took the girls on an outing today. The sun was shining, and we were all eager to get out of the house for a bit. It was fun to watch the chickens gain confidence and start to explore a little.

At first they would stay all huddled together, but as they started to realize 'outside' was a good thing, they started cheeping happily and pecking at the ground and nibbling at some of the weeds.

I kept them close to the area where their run will be, so hopefully it will feel familiar to them when it's finished.

After about 30 minutes, I spotted a Big Fat Juicy Worm {BFJW} and called to the chicks. The Golden Cochin {Sula?} came over looking at me quizzically. She spotted the BFJW, pecked it a couple times, then scooped it up and started screeching happily.

The Australorp dashed over and snatched the BFJW immediately from {Sula} and started squawking and running all over the little chicken yard. Soon a competition started between all the chicks. Our Australorp fended off most of the attacks until our big, possibly-boy, Easter Egger {who I will now call George Eliot?} grabbed the worm, gave 'er a good tug, and cried out excitedly announcing the half-BFJW {s}he had. It was quickly gobbled up {I think there's a lesson here in not gloating} as {s}he ran around behind a stack of pallets.

Finally, after several minutes of chasing, shrieking, and dashing, our Australorp settled down to enjoy the remainder of the BFJW.

A good outing for all. The girls were highly disappointed to be coming back inside after this debut.

{Sula} stares longingly after our Australorp, having just had her treasure swiped.

Happy to let everyone know she is now in possession of a big juicy worm!

Successfully fending off attacks on all fronts can't go on forever, but it CAN go on a lot longer than you think! These girls chased, squawked, dashed and screeched for a good 10 minutes. I thought the worm would be all dried up by the time it was enjoyed.

Mmmm. delectable! Can it get any better than a BFJW? I submit that it cannot! I love that her eyes are closed! She's hysterical!



Who needs movies when you have chickens? :) That sounds like it was quiet the fun morning. I'm sure Adjoa is facsinated by the worm incident!

tralina said...

Oh, I'll have Isaac go dig up a bunch of worms and bring them over (would that be un-natural?). Too funny! So do they see you as the mother hen and follow you around and such?

SugarHouse Mama said...

I don't think there's anything unnatural about worms! :)

They sort of see me as a mother hen. They are getting more and more to where they will follow me around. They stick together a lot and go crazy if one wanders too far away. I think when I start bringing them more treats the relationship will improve.

I know I love people more when they bring ME treats! ;)