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Thursday, February 19, 2009

You All Are Going to Get the Wrong Idea; I Swear I Was Watching My Child

Adjoa had a pretty rough day. Poor little girl.

It started when I was working on the computer and she was about a foot away from me driving her 'car.' {It's one of those awesome scooter-type deals but you don't need to use your feet to propel you - you just start steering and it goes. Pretty Awesome, thanks Pa!}

Anyway, I think she was trying to turn around and, well...she fell down the stairs. Car and all. I was really close, so I was there lickety split. She was more scared than anything else. The terror stricken scream that little thing emitted could have been lifted from a horror film. Seriously.

Then the crying started. Poor thing. I checked her over. No real damage, a bruise around her eye has starting appearing, though.

Then, I was chopping various veggies for a soup. Adjoa was helping me {don't worry, it's not going where you're afraid it is}. She was putting the cut veggies into the crock pot. She picked up a potato and was pretending to eat it. Her silly vigor turned to tragedy when she bit her tongue and lip. {I'm still not exactly sure how she managed that, but I saw the blood that proved it} No scared crying that time - it's pure pain when biting your tongue and lip.

Shortly after recovering from that, she was wanting a piece of cake. To get a better look at the piece I was serving up for her, she decided to use the counter for lifting leverage. Except it wasn't the counter. She put both hands on the hot stove. It wasn't on, it was cooling down from when I browned the meat for the soup, but still. It was pretty hot to the touch.

More crying.

Needless to say, bed time was earlier last night. Both to avoid any more trauma and to get some much needed rest from the eventful day.

{In between much of this, I had to get my blood drawn to check my thyroid levels} This concerned Adjoa greatly. She insisted on checking out my wound as we were leaving the doctor's office. She clicked her tongue a few times, said "ow-uuuu-ch!" quite empathetically, patted my arm, and comforted me with, "Home, Ma! Let's GO!" And then turned to the door and marched right on out of the office.

It was an ouchy filled day, for sure. But so lovely that we were able to comfort each other. Mom might be awesome at bestowing the comforting touch, but I think a child knocks mom out of the park!


Laurel said...

Welcome to motherhood!

Nothing to be embarrassed about. Thanks for sharing.

Laurel :)

moliver said...

There will be more days like that, my friend. Well, hopefully not with that many ouchies all in one day! I wish our kids didn't have to learn things the hard way but unfortunately that's how it works sometimes. That was so sweet when she was comforting you at the Dr. office. What a sweetheart!

Lois said...

Poor little punkin' what a rough day! I can hear her clicking tongue - so African! Her deliberate march cracks me up. Let's try to get together this week I'm missing you guys!

The Beals said...

Adjoa sounds so incredibly adorable! Im dying for some video! And it never ceases to amaze me how clumsy yet resilient kids are! Im dreading Brigitte becoming more mobile!