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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thanks to My Hunky Husband, I had a Birthday Filled with Music, Dance, Costumes, and Food

I had a great Birthitine Day this year.

Robert bought me a 3-disk CD, Radio, and iPod player that attaches under the cabinet for the kitchen. We don't really have a CD player {since we both have iPods}, and I was getting tired of firing up the computer every time Adjoa wanted to dance and sing to her Kindermusik CDs.

He also took both of his Valentines out for dinner to my favorite place: Mazza. {It's this local Lebanese restaurant, although they also have other Mediterranean style dishes}. Soooo Yummy! {Are you jealous, Lois? Well that's what you get for going on a cruise without me!}

And to top it all off, he planed an evening out - just the two of us! Aimee's awesome sister, Erin came to babysit. {Side note here, Erin is a totally awesome babysitter. She had all these fun activities planned - some were even educational. I love her. She is my favorite. And she tops the list for Adjoa, too!} Adjoa thought it was totally awesome to have a friend over to play with her!

While Adjoa and Erin were learning colors, making Valentine cookies for 'Ma' and 'Da-dee', Robert and I went to Ballet West's performance of Madame Butterfly.

It. Was. Amazing.

There were actually 2 ballets performed: Gong, and Madame Butterfly. Gong was interesting and fun, but Madame Butterfly was amazing.

I loved the music, the dancing, the costumes, the performance. Robert isn't much of a ballet person, so it was really great that he did this for me. Very much appreciated.

He's so good to me!

Love you, babe!

Ok. So whatever your feelings are about ballet, you have to recognize that this is both amazing and beautiful. How could you NOT want to see a couple hours of this AND beautiful music? This is a new dancer, Romi Beppu, from Hawaii at rehearsals. Yes. I am that cool. But no, I didn't take this picture. I swiped it from Ballet West's blog!

This is what the curtain opened to - Amazing costuming.

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SeattleSorensons said...

Way to go bob. I got ang a undermount cd, radio ipod thing for her birthday as well.