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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mom Flew in on a Whim {and Super Cheap Tickets} and Aunt Cathy Celebrated by Taking Pictures

My mom was here all last week. I like to think that's why I didn't blog AT ALL for so long. I mean it folks, I didn't even look at a blog the entire week.

So Adjoa just loved 'Nana'. That's what she calls my mom. She took to her right away and had my mom wrapped around her little finger for the week. Nana spoiled Adjoa, which is the way it should be, right?

Adjoa keeps asking for Nana and wants to call her all the time. She informed me today that "Nana is coming!". hmmm, sure. But not for about another 2 months!

We visited Aunt Jill {Auntie Jull, to Adjoa} and Aunt Cathy {Auntie Caffy} pretty much every day last week. It was almost too much fun -meaning a lot of new people and not enough napping, but Adjoa was a trooper through all the excitement.

She played with Uncle Rod for a couple hours and had him running all over the place. He said he thought she only said one word: "Come!"

Anyway, here are some adorable pictures Aunt Cathy took of Adjoa.

Adjoa was playing dress up - so please don't ask what on earth she is wearing in the picture! I love this picture - isn't she so cute when she's pouting? I love it!

If you look really close, you might be able to see the Cheetos stuck to her teeth! Gross, but so much fun!

I think this is one of my top favorite pics of Adjoa ever.

Adjoa's sassy look

Aunt Jill gets that look from everybody, it says something like "You're Crazy, Aunt Jill!"

Being a ham.


Calmil2 said...

She is so incredibly cute!!! I can't even stand it...what a character! Harmony

tralina said...

I love your favorite too! Her personality seems to shine through in that one!

Laurel said...


Laurel :)

Jess said...

She is just too cute!!!! That smile could brighten any day!!

Steven Emett said...

Good to have you back. I've missed the updates.

I love that sassy look picture. It reminds me of the look I usually get from my girls.

Chris and Lani said...

Hey Jessica. Okay, I have to admit I was blog stalking and found your site off of Becka's. Your girl is so adorable. She looks like she has the cutest little personality. It's so fun to catch up with old friends and see where their lives have taken them. Where is your mom living? Your in Utah right? By the way your wedding pictures are beautiful. Your husband looks very familiar.

Ginny and Ben said...

Oh, she is so absolutely gorgeous, cute, beautiful, fun...I could go an and on. It looks like she is having the time of her life. ARe you sure you can keep up the pace?

Robin Dodd Photography said...

She is so gorgeous! Boy would I love to photographer her.... beautiful!