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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thanks for the Dinners!

We had several families from church bring us dinner through out first 2 weeks with Adjoa. Last night we returned all their dishes and included thank you notes.

The cards were ones I picked up in Ghana, and Adjoa "wrote" Thank You and "signed" her name. She was so excited to write. She loves to {as she says} 'write letters'.

All bundled up to deliver Thank You notes

Here's another video of more bedtime silliness. Adjoa is such an entertainer. She hams it up all day and keeps us laughing. Every time she sees herself in a large mirror, she starts dancing and talking to herself.

My favorite part in this one is when she checks out her little bum while she's dancing. It's so funny!


Steve Emett said...

It was so much fun to see Adjoa the other day, she is so cute and her eyes are even more beautiful in person. You and Robert look so happy. It's amazing to think how just a few months ago we first met you and heard these stories about Adjoa and Luckyhill and now she's home and we are getting ready to go get Saviour. Thanks for all you have shared and done for us.

How do you make sure she never looses her dance and song? We should try and find someone from Ghana now living here to do dance and singing classes for these little ones.

tralina said...

Man, has that girl got rhythm!! She's so little, but it must jst be in her blood. Fun to watch!!

Ginny and Ben said... That is hilarious!!

disabilitydiva said...

SO glad. Adoptive Mamas need dinners too. Adjoa has such a fun little personality. She's wonderful and so glad we have the pleasure to get to know her in nursery!!

Jenifer said...

I love watching this video! She is so amazing. What a star. I agree my favorite part is when she checks out her bum, too! :)

Matt & Leah said...
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The Ben Dance Fam said...

Hi! I don't know if you remember me...I'm a friend of Rebecka Norton. I saw a link to your blog on her blog, and when I read about little Adjoa I wanted to do something for her. So, my young women helped me, and we made her a cute little blanket. I just need your address so I can send it. You can e-mail me so that it's confidential, or if you would rather do something else, I'm up for that too. Just let me know. Adjoa is darling! Congrats!-TaNiel