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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Robert and Adjoa's First Snowman and Adjoa's First Snow Falls

We came home from church and were greeted by a yard full of snow. Robert excitedly suggested we eat something quickly and go out to play in the snow. He was eager to build Adjoa's first snowman. Which turned out to be Robert's first snowman too.

The short afternoon was filled with many firsts for Adjoa. She experienced her first snow falls {the kind that falls from the sky, and the one where you do a face-plant in the snow}. She wouldn't wear her gloves, which wouldn't have been so terrible if she would have left the snow alone, so I had to keep a towel handy. She thought it was so funny to throw the snow up in the air and have Eden jump to catch it.

Anyway, I snapped a bunch of pictures that are too cute to not share.

Robert and Adjoa decided to name the snowman "Madjoa" Robert asked, "What is that?" And Adjoa said "It's a Madjoa!"

Adjoa kept kissing Eden during our photo shoot. She was too quick for me to get a picture of it, but this one was pretty funny. I love the look on Eden's face!

Finally one where everyone is looking at the snowman. Madjoa was the only one who behaved!


Awo said...

She is adorable, and I LOVE reading your blog. Madjoa is kind of a pet name version for Adjoa. Literallyit means "my Adjoa" How cute that she named the snowman (snow girl?) after herself!

tralina said...

Fun snowman-- I love the hair. It's good to get Robert out there enjoying life too.