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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bonding Time with Adjoa

Sorry I've been totally lame in my posting lately. We've been so busy around our house - what with my work, Robert's deadlines at work, our new addition, everyone wanting to meet our new addition, and taking time for Robert, Adjoa, and me to bond.

Here are a couple videos of 'lotion time.' It happens twice a day, and with the cold weather we've been having, we try to make it quick so she doesn't realize how cold it is to be naked and have lotion smothered all over your little body. She's a trooper!

You'll get to see a bit more of her personality in these.


Being silly

I love this one - you can see how well she's doing with Eden already. Adjoa will go up to Eden and give her a hug, lean against her, and kiss her. It's really cute. I'm so proud of her for adapting so well.


Cheryl said...

SO sweet! I can't wait to have that time with my three! When I was in Ghana, I got to put lotion on Naomi (our three year old) a couple of times - she would lift her arms up and say, "Pomade me, Mom!" I miss them so much! I know you understand! Enjoy every second with her - she's a doll!

Steve Emett said...

I'm laughing so hard. I love how everything she says comes out like it's a song. She looks so happy and I'm so glad the adjustment is going so well.

Hulse Fam said...

so fun!

Samuel (and Parents) said...

I laughed and laughed at her escaping and then her silliness!!! What a talker and like the Emett's said it is so cute that everything is like a little song. She is so adorable and can't wait to meet her!!!

Ginny and Ben said...

Where is a Ghanaian translator when you need one....I would love to know what she is saying! We are very familiar with the lotion ritual these days.