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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's Football Not Handball

Or, if you live here, it's also known as Soccer.  Either way, someone needs to teach my daughter the rules!

Ahh, MUCH better.  She scores like a pro!

Adjoa did really well for her first season.  It just ended and she was disappointed.  For about 7 seconds.  Then she informed us that she would be taking Ballet and Swimming Lessons.  I tried on the swimming lessons, but there aren't very many people too keen on jumping in a pool when it's below freezing outside.  Adjoa being an exception.

She starts ballet today {yeah}.  I tried to suggest something more suitable to her body type, like gymnastics or another form of dance.  She said she was sure she wanted to do Ballet.  I figure, what heck, let her wear a tutu and be a ballerina while she can get away with it.  All little girls deserve to wear a tutu and point their toes at some point.  I even did.  And I ain't got no ballerina body either!

Don't fret.  I'll have pictures and vids up here soon enough.  She does look awful cute in her leotard!  And their spring performance promises to be be adorable.  Do you hear me? A-DOR-A-BLE.  You will all want to come.  I can promise you that.


Anonymous said...

Hey just found your blog- Im a ballet teacher for under 6s in Australia... and let me tell you- number one is whether the kid can focus (and if she/he is potty trained)... ballerina bodies do not even matter!


Adjoa is going to give ballet 110% and will LOVE it! :) I love the way you write. You crack me up! I needed a smile. Adjoa informing you she will be in ballet was cute. :) I am SURE she will be SO DANG CUTE!