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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Did Your Adopted Child have a Tough Start? It Matters

I received this notification of some online classes offered by Adoption Learning Partners. I thought it particularly appropriate this month and wanted to share it with some families I know would love and appreciate the information.

It's so important to recognize some types of behaviors for what they are and what they are not. And sometimes it's very difficult as an adoptive parent to help your child work through things they don't even understand - or can't really even remember. Frankly, saying "you just need to love them" doesn't really cut it.

New Courses From ALP:

Does your child resist affection, lash out explosively or react unexpectedly to social situations?

He may be suffering from having experienced some form of trauma in his early days --- a "tough start" in life.

Many adopted children, whether adopted domestically or internationally, have lived through early days that were far from ideal. Poor prenatal care or substance exposure, or being born into a neglectful, chaotic or abusive environment are all examples of tough starts adopted children may have faced. Even if they are fortunate enough to come into a loving and nurturing home at just a few months of age, the effects of this tough start may linger in the form of persistent and troublesome behaviors. These behaviors are often so challenging that even experienced parents can feel puzzled, frustrated and even disheartened in their ability to raise this child.

Our Tough Starts Matter series is specifically designed to help. Each course offers research-based insights, practical advice and encouragement from experts who have dedicated their lives to helping tough start children and families thrive.

Brain Development Matters gives a thorough background on the impact that early trauma is likely to have had on a child's brain chemistry, brain development and sensory processing. As challenging behaviors often are rooted in altered brain development, this fundamental knowledge paves the way to more informed parenting choices. Learn More and see a preview from this course.

Treatment Matters provides strategies for seeking professional help. Learn about the benefits of an early diagnosis, treatment options and therapy approaches. Learn more and see a preview from this course.

Parenting Matters applies a strengths-based, therapeutic approach to helping parents connect in order to heal their child. The goal is to help parents respond to their child more insightfully, therefore shaping behavior more effectively. Learn more and see a preview from this course.

The individual courses in the Tough Starts Matter Series can also be purchased as a package with a 20% discount! Click Here to learn more.

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