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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Adjoa's Spring Program at Challenger

As soon as we came back from San Diego, Adjoa had her Spring Program at school.

I missed the December program because I was in Ghana, so I was super excited to see Adjoa in action. The program was really cute, and the kids did a great job.

Adjoa and J.J. They have been best little buds since the first day of school. Adjoa came home and said, "Mommy! You know what! I like J.J. He is the same like Junior!" They ran out together during their first outside play time to swing together.

In case you ever forget, THIS land was made for you and me. You can tell the kids loved the stomping bit.

Adjoa had been singing this song for about a month at home. She was so excited because it was going to be scary and the moms and dads were going to be so scared of the Black Widow! It's hard to be scared when the kids are so dang cute.

Shoo Fly was probably my favorite. The expressions on Adjoa's face while she was doing the actions was so cute. I just wish you could actually see it in the video.

Here's Adjoa's assessment of the program. Turns out we both love Shoo Fly.

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