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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Adjoa Begins Her Own Little Life - Translation: She Started School this Week

Adjoa started Preschool this week. She was so excited I thought she would burst.

Adjoa's first day of school - I love how proud she looks. You can just tell she thinks she's so grown up.

It's a surreal feeling when your little one starts off on her own little life. She will have friends and know people Robert and I will never meet. It's exciting. It's heartbreaking. It's hard to let go of that control - especially for a control freak like.... uh, me. {I was going to try to blame that one on Robert, but everyone knows that wouldn't fly}

Speaking of Adjoa making friends we will never meet, she has an imaginary friend now. His name is Eric. As in Prince Eric. Hey, if you are going to go to the trouble of imagining, you might as well go big, right? I think we picked him up in Hawaii because he appeared shortly thereafter. {Pictures, etc. will be posted shortly. We had a memory card meltdown and lost everything on the last day of the trip. My mom had a co-worker take a look at it and he was able to, by some miracle of technology, restore the pictures. I'm waiting on the memory card to arrive in the mail and you will have your pics, etc.}

Anyway, back to Eric. He's a good friend. She got in a little trouble the other day and I was talking to her about it when all of a sudden she says:

"Ariel!" {That's what Eric calls her, of course} "Ariel! Come here!"

"Mom, Eric is calling me. I have to go!"

And she took of running. I was too busy laughing to realize I was in the middle of explaining why she shouldn't do whatever and I let her get away with it. He's a really good friend.

Last night I was watching some TV show and she was supposed to be in bed. She comes in and asks if she can watch TV with me.

"Nope. You are supposed to be in bed and this is a Mommy-show." Meaning I need my personal space, please.

"Let me sit with you?"

"Nope. Because if you sit with me you will watch the show and you are supposed to be in bed and this is a Mommy-show."

She looks at the space on the sofa just to my left.

"But Mom. Eric is sitting with you."

Well played, Adjoa. Well played.

So I did the only thing I could think of.... Wait for it...

"Ariel! Ariel! I'm in your room! It's time for bed!"

"Adjoa! Eric is calling you! Did you hear? He said it's time for bed."

How pathethic is that? I used my daughter's imaginary friend to do what I could not. But hey, I learned it from her.


Beautiful Mess said...

LOL! Literally!

What a cutie! They grow so fast I tell you.

Thank you for sharing.

Joy & Geoff said...

This made me smile :)

The Hullingers said...

Elena just said "HEY! That is my friend from the hotel!"

Adjoa looks pretty excited about school. How did it go? I bet she loves it, and will make lotss of new friends. It's so hard to let them go sometimes.

Eric hasn't been around here causing treouble, but Elena had an imaginariy birdie who was rather naughty. He doesn't live here anymore, though. He went to live on an island with his pet lion.

Laurel said...

Too funny!


Harward Happenings said...

Now I'm wishing Brylie had an imaginary friend who told her to do stuff. I would totally use him to help me out with her. Congrats on first day of school! That is really exciting.

Shelley said...

Adjoa is super smart! I wish I had an imaginary friend I could blame things on! She looks darling in her picture...all grown up and ready to go to school.

Katie said...

So adorable. Glad to finally see an update! :)

Jenifer said...

Adjoa looks so cute! Is that her lunch pail? It is as big as she is! So adorable! I love checking out your blog it is so creative. I haven't even looked at mine for over a month. Yikes! Hope to see you soon. We are in Utah now!