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Monday, July 27, 2009

MIB: Missing In Blogging

Well it has been forever, I know.

We've had the normal business-of-life in the last month, and the icing on the cake has included {but is not limited to}
  • Collecting, planning, and executing the yard/bake sale after weeks and weeks of rain. {It went VERY well, by the way, thanks to everyone!}
  • Working ever so slowly on the front-yard landscape project: getting the yard leveled and terraced, installing sprinklers {which we had to do on our own because the leveling and terracing was nearly double the estimate}
  • Lawn mower breaking. OK. So Robert ran over a very large rock and we had to replace the blade. After replacing the blade he made it once around the yard and it ran out of gas. He filled up the tank and it hasn't worked since. In free moments {when not battling the sprinkler system} he's tried everything he can think of. His newest plan as of a couple days ago is to take it all apart and put it back together again. Heaven have mercy.
  • Adjoa's swim lessons
  • The washer/dryer breaking and needing to be replaced
  • The roof leaking
  • Discovering, as the temperatures rise, that our AC unit is about 1/3 the size it should be {a big thank you to the people who owned the home prior and installed it}. It's only about 4 years old, but it's now running like it's over 15 years old because of the strain of being over-worked.
  • 4th of July
  • During installation of the new dryer, we discovered that when the venting system was installed, it was screwed together. It has fallen apart inside the wall and the inability to properly vent is most likely what ruined the other 2 dryers we've purchased. Robert had to tear into the wall to access the vent and install a new one.
  • I've been super busy with work - which is really good considering the price tag on the above items, but still eats up your time faster than you can blink an eye.
  • I'm a co-presenter for the National Families Supporting Adoption Conference this weekend
  • Adjoa's 3rd Birthday
  • My grandma passed away
  • I was asked to give the eulogy at the funeral
I think there is more, but I'm starting to get a little stressed out just thinking about those things.

Anyway, I have some good pictures and videos to share {I did manage to get out the camera once or twice in the last month} Hopefully I'll be able to get everyone caught up this week. That's my goal. There. I said it. It's in writing. I'm as committed as I can be. Wish me luck!

And just maybe I'll have enough time to check out your blogs too! I've missed out on everyone's life in the last month.


Laurel said...

I've missed you!

mama of 13

Laurel said...

Oops! Forgot to say ... you can most certainly reference my blog and posts about the Challenges of Adoption. I'm glad that the Lord is using our Crisis to help others to talk about the potential pitfalls of adoption.


Laurel :)

The Hullingers said...

Holy Cow, Jessica! That's enough to keep THREE people busy! We've missed you, though.

We have the same problem with our A/C. It has been limping along for a few years now, and we're hoping to squeeze one more summer out of it.

I am sorry to hear about your Grandma. I lost mine four years ago and I still miss her like crazy.

And Happy Birthday, Adjoa! I'm excited for pictures and video. She is such a crack-up!

Shelley said...

Welcome back Jessica! I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. I know that it's never easy to lose a family member, especially sweet grandmas.

You have certainly been tested to the max recently. Your list made ME tired :)You deserve some time to relax!

Happy Birthday Adjoa, she is so dang CUTE!

Oh, and I look forward to seeing you co-present this weekend! :)
Take it easy....if you can.
I know, easier said than done...

Lois said...

you didn't mention this coming up weekend in the midst of the madness. Thanks for helping me out!

Mom said...

Hi Hon!
Good grief. I think you need a vacation to somewhere like Hawaii!
Don't forget to send me your Grandma's eulogy.
NINE days and counting!
See you soon!

Just the 2 of us. said...

I've been waiting for an update! Hope she had a great day at school. She's as cute as ever.