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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mommy's Gonna Buy You a Billy Goat... and transport it home in a way that is nothing short of genius!

So my friend Full Plate Mom posted this picture on her blog today. I about died.

This is quite possibly the funniest picture I've seen in a while. FPM had this to say about the picture:

I didn't take the pic, nor did I witness it, but it reminds me of driving around Accra with Kingsley. Shelley told him the story of when she first got to Ghana and saw all the goats wandering around freely. She told him that at first she thought they were dogs. Ghanaian dogs. Kingsley laughed SO hard!!! Then Shelley asked him how he avoided hitting all the goats in the streets with his car, because they just kind of wander. He laughed again "Oh, Sister Shelley, you can't hit a goat!!!! Goats are smart, sheep are stupid". So, for those of you traveling soon, make sure you tell Kingsley that when you go. He'll know you were talking to Shelley and Becky, and, it will make him laugh.

I think this is the answer to our bike-riding dog problem. Every time we go for a ride and Eden comes along, her paws get all torn up. They bleed and are sore for days. Strapping her to Robert's back is genius! But maybe Robert won't think so!


FullPlateMom said...

Even on your blog this pic makes me laugh! I love Ghana!

I saw one of our neighbors pushing their cat around in a stroller the other day. It was the kind that's made for a cat, with the mesh covering the basket. You could get one of those bike trailers for Eden. Then she'd really be riding in style.


Calmil2 said...

That is just way too funny!!! I love it.

Lois said...

lol, I'm sure Robert will go for it. Come on Eden, hop on pop!

The Hullingers said...

Hey, we have a bike trailer. Want to borrow it? Eden would love it!

Jess said...

haha, lol..... that is too funny! I am seriously picturing men in the states w/ dogs on their backs. So YES I was in Utah & I can go into the long annoying detail as to why we didn't stop, but I will spare you ;) Just know that I desperately want to meet your Adjoa & that I was thinking of you as we quickly passed through the area. I miss you, but I know we will connect one of these days :) Love ya!