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Friday, June 5, 2009

Peace Like a River by Leif Enger

I am WAY behind in my blogging. In all categories, actually. {This is OT, since I'm supposed to be doing my book review of PLaR, but oh well, stream of consciousness is my forte}

My boss has been drilling into me that I am only one person and when everything is happening at once, something has to go up on the alter. Which makes perfect sense but I still have a hard time actually admitting it and doing it. I like to hang on to everything because, like probably all of you, I just KNOW really can to everything if I really try really hard.

So anyway, when things get really busy, blogging gets thrown up on that alter pretty quickly. Which makes me sad. But it's either that or So You Think You Can Dance.

So anyway. That is why I am months behind on my book reviews and you've been getting pathetic blog posts lately. So sorry.

On to the book. It's been a while, but I really loved Enger's writing style. The language is poetic and the characters are amazing. It felt very real to me. The descriptions (character and location) were incredibly detailed without being burdensome.

I love reading stories about families, trials, and the faith people have - in each other, in God, in whatever. I find it fascinating to step into another life - real or fictitious - for a bit and see what goes on when you can see their thoughts and their hearts.

And when that is coupled with a great story, terrific writing, and fun characters, it makes for an enjoyable read.

I also love a good coming of age story.

This book has it all. Even a little mystery.

Andrew Roe of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote one of the reviews on the book, and it was so lovely, I just had to share - I actually think this is the review that made me want to read it to begin with:
"Peace Like a River serves as a reminder of why we read fiction to
begin with: to commune with a vividly, lovingly rendered world, to
lose ourselves in story and language and beauty, to savor what we don't
want to end yet know must."
That's the way a book should make you feel. Every book, every time. It makes me well up. Seriously. I'm honestly crying a little - that review is THAT good.

And so is the book. Justin case you wanted to know.

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The Hullingers said...

This one almost made me late for church today! I couldn't put it down. Thank you for the recommendation.