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Sunday, July 11, 2010

I Loved Being Three

It's my girl's birthday today!  We kept it pretty low key today - she is having a big party on Wednesday.  i still wanted to say Happy Birthday, though.  And share these cute pics.

Auntie Chambra sent Adjoa some flowers and an adorable sock cat named "Binky" for her birthday.  Adjoa loved them.  I promised Chambra I would post and send some pictures.

When I reminded Adjoa it was her birthday today and that she was now 4 years old, she sighed, "But mom! I looved being three!"

I loved her being three, too.

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Those are darling pictures of Adjoa. I am sure she will the fearsome fours as much as she did being three. :) She's adorable with her flowers and stuffed animal.