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Monday, June 14, 2010

Fairy Garden

So this nursery near our house is one of my favorite places this season.  About once a month they have these really fun kids activities. Last week Adjoa and I went to learn how to construct a Fairy Garden.  It was fun, and the different gardens were so cute.

As we were walking to the car, Adjoa says, "Mommy. I have a good idea."
Me: What's that, Adjoa?
Adjoa: When we go to the ail-port to pick up Nana I will say, Nana, do you want to make a Fairy Larden with me? And Nana will say, Of course I do, Sweetie!

And then she went on to detail about how they would go to the store to get some plants and they would find some sticks and some "pen-cones" and they would make a Fairy Garden.  Daddy was then commissioned to construct a house for the Fairies.  Because, you know, they do need a house so the squirrels cannot get them.  She talked about how the Fairies could scold the pestering squirrels and then go inside their house and shut the door.

It was hysterical.

Adjoa talked about the Fairy Garden constantly.  The day Nana was coming into town, we called so Adjoa could share her plan.

Being the great nana that Nana is, she followed Adjoa's pre-scripted conversation nearly perfectly.

We went to the nursery to get a few plants the first morning we could.  Nana and Adjoa went on a walk around the neighborhood looking for sticks, rocks, bark, and any other treasure a fairy may need.  They totally scored bug and found a couple walnuts.

We stayed up late the other night putting it all together - we even found a cute little fairy to add.

Adjoa is quite proud of her Fairy Garden.  We put the finishing touches on it today and she was so eager to show Daddy as soon as he got home from work.

My only regret is that we weren't able to finish it in time to do the Fairy Walk at the nursery on Saturday.  Everyone got to display their fairy gardens and the kids could dress up and do some fun activities. Oh well.  The opportunity to make it with Nana was compensation enough for Adjoa!



I love that! I think that can be a project I can do with the girls this summer. We have something similar going on in my mint jungle out front. Your mom is sweet to follow Adjoa's plans. :)

tralina said...

Too cute! I'm glad you did it--and now I'm really sorry we didn't do it with you. Life will settle down, eh?

Lois said...

So cool, and a little Hawaii flair to it. Adjoa looks so proud, so does nana!