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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Valley of the Temples, Dole Plantation, and Waimea Valley

Towards the end of our trip we visited the Dole Plantation {education AND fun!}, the Valley of the Temples, and Waimea Valley.

The Dole Plantation has super-yummy pineapple ice-cream, and Robert's parents love the pineapple cream macadamia nuts there. Adjoa loves the train and the ice-cream.

The Valley of the Temples is an amazing replica of a temple in China. They built the entire temple without nails. It's beautiful - and the ponds have some seriously HUGE Koi.

Finally, we stopped by Waimea Valley. There is an easy hike up to the waterfall, and they have a massive botanical garden. We had fun swimming in the waterfall - although it was a little cold.

On our way out of the valley, Adjoa and Pa came up with a fun and entertaining method of travel. Well, fun for Adjoa, rather tiring for Pa. I'm sure it all started as an accident, but Adjoa was having so much fun, Pa just HAD to keep up the game. I'm pretty sure they burned the stroller when we left. It was for our best interest. If Adjoa ever sees that stroller again, she's going to be more excited than a kid at Disneyland.

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