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Thursday, December 31, 2009


For our Christmas present, my mom took us all over to Maui. We stayed in an amazing resort and went on a whale tour boat. The only downer - it wasn't long enough. We all loved it and agreed that an additional day or two would have made it the bees knees. Not that it wasn't the bees knees, because it was. It would have been even more bees knees - bigger bees knees.

We stopped by the Maui Aquarium because we had some time before check-in. It was good, but I like the one on Oahu just as well and it's cheaper. Robert and Adjoa were posing for a picture and the woman next to us told her son she wanted to take his picture too. He said "OK!" and then ran over and joined Adjoa and Robert. It was so funny. The mom was totally embarrassed. So if you see a random boy with Robert and Adjoa at the aquarium, you'll know who it is.

Our whale tour was with the Pacific Whale Foundation. There was a TON of awesome activity during our trip out. We saw a mom and baby do a double breech, lots of surface activity like flipper slaps and tail slaps and a whale breached about 30 yards from the boat. We were right in front and had an awesome view. A co-tourist got it on vid, so I'll post that. You can hear me screaming and Nana and Pa talking. It's pretty cool. Not that we are talking - the whale part of it is what's cool. I did get some fun pictures of the whale, and I got a vid of one that was further away.

After the breach that was in front of our boat, every time we saw something Adjoa would say, "It wasn't big enough, mommy!"

A funny story - one evening Robert and I went out to walk along the beach and I told Adjoa she needed to brush her teeth while we were gone. I told her she needed to be ready for bed when we got back. {She stayed behind in the suite with Nana and Pa} Pa was in the shower and she kept trying to go into the bathroom. Nana kept getting after her, telling Adjoa she needed to wait until Pa was done. Adjoa kept saying something, but Nana didn't catch it. Finally, Adjoa broke down - Nana asked when she was getting so upset.

She said, "I'm going to be in big, big trouble."
"Why?" asked Nana.
"Because mommy told me to do something. I have to brush my teeth or I'm going to be in big-big trouble."

Funny girl. At least she understands that she need to do what she's been asked.

Slide show of Maui

Vid of Big Whale Breach

Whale activity further away.

Really cool Banyan Tree near the docks

Secret Vid of Pa doing a funny dance to entertain Adjoa.



Way cool! I'm jealous...
Let's relocate Luckyhill to Hawaii..:) I think Kingsley would go for that. So would the kids!

Brendan and Mary said...

That is so cool! Adjoa is getting so big - she's just adorable!


The Hermyzoo! said...

Sounds like an amazing trip and the picture confirm that!!! Gorgeous. I LOVE the cute pic of Adjoa posing at the aquarium. What a doll she is. Her hair is beautifully done, I like it pulled back and poofed at the ends!

amy said...

Ah, Hawaii sounds so nice right now! Looks like you guys had a fun, well-deserved break. And that video of the whale, how cool was that?!

Ross said...

It looks like you had an amazing Christmas. I just wanted to say that I love your blog and that I'll be following it. I have a blog myself called at I think your daughter is so cute. We adopted two kids our first girl from China and our second girl from Ethiopia. I'll check back again in the meantime check out my site.