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Thursday, November 12, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance? Shoot. Adjoa KNOWS She Can

One of my fav shows is SYTYCD I've watched it religiously for years. And I have to admit sometimes I miss the days when people messed up, or fell, or forgot the dance. The dancer's caliber is so much higher now than in years passed, a major screw up hasn't happened forever.

Of course, it's also getting harder to wow everyone when all the routines are great.

Even though it's one of my favorites, I haven't blogged about it recently like I used to. Mostly because we have Adjoa now, so it cuts into my blogging, but also because instead of blogging about the routines, I have to watch them a second time. I get too caught up in watching Adjoa.

I had some terrific vids from Season 5, but they were lost in the great Memory Card Erasure at the end of the Hawaii trip this summer.

I'll post a few vids from the fall season so far.

Warning, this might only be cute and adorable and funny to mommy and grandparents.


mary said...

Those are just cute and adorable! I especially love the second one...she's got rhythm!!

Mary (from Canada)

The Hermy's said...

Wow she's got talent. That was some serious moves she was throwing out there. We have loved SYTYCD too, but I enjoyed watching Adjoa even more :)

Lois said...

Much more entertaining than the show! You can tell she thinks she is "moving" just like them and feels so beautiful. And she is!

MommyBrec said...

She has got some moves! You can tell she is really talented at dancing. These are just too cute!

Beautiful Mess said...

She is lovely!

and talented!

I too LOVE that show!

tralina said...

Thanks for sharing these. The second is my favorite. She has definately got the rhythm in her soul!


She sure CAN moveYou go girl!~