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Thursday, October 22, 2009

RE: My Mantra and The Terrible Three and One-Thirds

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who posted comments so far - I should have turned to my blogging friends sooner! We've spent weeks in chaos and turmoil lately and I have a sneaking suspicion some of it could have been avoided! Well, maybe I would just be a little more sane, but still, that's huge.

I really like the bean idea. I like being able to take away a bean as discipline. Because, knowing Adjoa, there will be times when giving up a chance to put a sticker on the board will not really make a difference to her, but losing a bean would. I also like that I can carry beans around with me and reward her even if we are not at home, etc. It makes for more immediate consequences, and in my ahem dog training experience immediate reward/discipline is always best.

Sadly, I did just admit that most of my parenting techniques come from what I learned training dogs - and most specifically, a crazy, hyper Weimaraner. lol.

Behavior modification is behavior modification, right?

I'm going to keep a food record for Adjoa. I'll spend a few days putting it together and then post the results on the blog. There is definately something going on with her and food right now, and I can't quite figure it out. It started a few weeks ago and at first I thought she was just prepping for a big growing spurt, but it's gotten very nearly out of control lately and I'm not sure what's behind it all.

It seems late {9 months!} for her to be worried about being hungry like she was in Ghana. I assumed she had figured out long ago that there's no shortage of food here. She never really went through it when she came home, so maybe it's just a little delayed... I don't know.


Emily said...

My niece and nephew had a hard childhood before they were adopted. They still hoard food and eat really fast to make sure they get food even though it has been over 12 years that they have been adopted and don'y have to worry about food.

Lois said...

After seeing her in action yesterday, you have my sympathy! Looked famiiar, yes days in Ghana spent with her :)
Here's a thought: I can just see her sticking a bean up her nose or in her ear! lol

MommyBrec said...

Glad the bean idea struck a chord. I love what Lois said, though, about the bean in the nose or ear...may want to take that into consideration! LOL!

I work weekly with a nutritionist, and tonight I asked her about some of Taiger's eating habbits. She told me about a booked called, "How to Get Your Kids to Eat...But Not Too Much". She said the author's name was something like Ellyn Sattler. Since I haven't read it, I have NO CLUE if it would be helpful, but it may have some ideas or insight...just a thought. Good luck! Keep blogging about this. I would love to hear what you learn, what works...most of all, it helps me see I am not a "horrible mother" because my son tantrums and has weird eating habits! LOL!

kristy said...

food issues are almost never about food.