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Friday, September 18, 2009

One Hot Mama - or in other words, Adjoa created a mixed-media portrait of me at school yesterday

So Adjoa brought this sexy number home from school and proudly {and very excitedly} informed me that it was... wait for it... mommy!

I was touched. I was honored. I was impressed with her natural talent {and very pleased she endowed me with killer long legs instead of the short stubs I walk around on}.

Did you notice the highlights? Love it! Did you noticed she made sure to give me shoes? Did you pick up on the crazed googly eyes? She totally nailed it.

Of course, I don't look particularly "happy" in the picture - my smile is a tad on the straight side. Is she sending me some kind of message that I need to be a happier mommy???

Oh well, at least it's a big mouth, which is also quite accurate.


Joy said...


Shelley said...

LOVE IT! Definitely a keeper for the scrapbook. She's such a sweetie!

moliver said...

That is so adorable. She is quite a talented young thing! Such a little budding artist, and I'm sure she made you feel so special too.