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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Da-dee's a Boy, Mommy's a Girl, Adjoa's a Girl, and Eden is Lost

So last Friday Adjoa let Eden outside to go potty. Without telling mom.

We have spent the week frantically searching for Eden. Crying almost every night. Stressed about Eden being hungry or cold. I think Adjoa has a keen sense of what it's like to be alone, without your family, hungry, and cold at night. She was really sensitive to the whole issue.

Yesterday, we were driving back {after spending a few hours looking for Eden again} and Adjoa astutely observed:
Dadee is a boy. Mommy is a girl. Adjoa is a girl. And Eden is

Never fear, the story has a happy ending.

Eden is home today - after nearly a week!

A couple days ago I made a giant sign and put it on our fence that runs along the busy street. Hoping someone would see it and call.

A friend from church saw the sign, put two and two together, and came up with Eden.

Her neighbor's house is being remodeled. The guy doing the work has a Weim. Suddenly, he had two. She asked about the other dog and he said it was a "Rescue" dog.

A day or so later, she saw our sign. She talked to him again and he said he found the dog in the neighborhood - actually, right next to our {I knew she wouldn't run away!} house. He had put a new collar on her and renamed her. He wasn't even trying to return her to her home.

A BIG thanks to our friend! We would NEVER have found Eden if she hadn't been so observant and actually asked some questions. We are so glad she took time to find out if it was our dog.

Eden is so happy to be home. Adjoa has been loving on her non-stop and of course, Eden is eating it up!


FullPlateMom said...

Oh my gosh, my boys would be a WRECK if we lost our beagle. They always tell people we have 6 people, 1 dog and 1 cat in our family. Bosco truly is family. Poor you, poor Adjoa. SO glad this had a happy ending. Welcome Home Eden!

The Hullingers said...

I think my kids, especially my oldest, would need therapy for years if Buddy went missing.

We're happy that Eden made it back home, but what is up with that guy trying to steal your dog? that is just plain wrong.

ColleenaMareena said...

Wow! That guy totally tried to steal your dog! Does she have a microchip? Not that it would've helped in this case, but if she ever gets taken to a shelter or a vet, it'd be great to have.

I hope she's spayed, otherwise we may have an answer as to why that guy wanted to keep her in about 63 days...

So glad she's home safe and sound!


moliver said...

WOW! I'm so glad you got your Eden back! I can't believe that guy didn't even try to find her home!

Beautiful Mess said...

Extreme Makeover: Jesus Edition

Because I am leaving a comment on your page, that means I am a “follower” of your story I am not a random person just posting for posting sake.

I don’t know if this breaks blog etiquette or something. But I am risking it anyway.

I have posted a blog called “Extreme Makeover: Jesus Edition” about a family that needs our help.

Go, read, if you feel led.

Side note: for you adoption/foster advocates, there is another post that is “messing” with me if you care to check it out and comment. It is the previous post and it is called “Living Freely: Foster Care and THE CHURCH”

Hear my heart fellow bloggers, I am seeking nothing selfishly. Just trying to do the will of the ONE who sent me. Praise the Lord!

Mari Burgess said...

Your daughter is Beautiful! Holy cow I just want to squeeze her. I'm glad you have a open blog, I hate the ones that are private, I'm all about the security thing but sometimes its just fun to find people.