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Saturday, December 6, 2008


So I KNOW I have been MIA in the blogging world lately - actually, I've been MIA in the real world too.

Sorry about that.

I have many, many reasons. Most of which involve no progress on the adoption front. Our paperwork is waiting for approval at the US Embassy. {They need a letter from Social Welfare. Apparently they don't care if the SW gave his recommendation that we leave the country with Adjoa before the adoption, they want the recommendation after the adoption has been granted.}

Kingsley went to Kenya for an international conference regarding issues for orphans, and did not return until today {one week later than he expected to return}, so we haven't even been able to try to get the letter from Social Welfare. This means we won't be able to turn in the letter until Wednesday. Which also means it is highly unlikely that Adjoa will be home for Christmas. We are still wishing, and hoping and praying, for sure - but the days are dwindling fast.

Work has been VERY busy since I returned from Ghana - and the stress of the economy and housing market only compounds the need to make these deals happen. I am very lucky to even have clients to work with so I can't complain that much about it, right?

Oh, and I'm pretty sure that all my late night/2 am phone calls to Ghana, stressing about the paperwork, worrying about Kingsley's whereabouts in Kenya, focusing on business, helping out with some Luckyhill Orphan/School needs during the Holidays caused me to reach my stress threshold and get sick.

That was fun. Talk about bad timing.

I've done my sulking, my crying, my begging, my stressing, my tearing of hair and gnashing of teeth. So now I can blog.

Oh how I've missed you!


Samuel (and Parents) said...

And we have missed you!!!!

Thanks for Last night and all that stuff!!! It felt like Christmas. Little things sure mean alot!!!

Glad you're back

Steve and Narda said...

We sure missed you too! Sorry to hear about more delays. We'll all be hoping and praying for that Christmas miracle! You're in our thoughts.

Laurel said...

Glad you're back in the blogging world.

Oh how I remember the days of wishing/hoping/praying for a Christmas miracle to bring our kids home last year. The waiting is NOT easy.

Prayers & Blessings,

Laurel :)

lori said...

hey girl - did you actually say that to your friend at church or just think it? that is a great response to her comment! Your Sarah Adjoa is beautiful -
i love your blog template - where is it from?
hang in there - praying them ALL home!